Postage Stamps of Hungary

by Tony Clayton

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Turul Bird Issue

On the 1st January 1900 Hungary issued a new design of stamps, with the filler values showing a Turul bird (a mythical bird of the Magyars). The initial issue was printed on paper showing the Crown of St.Stephen sideways surrounded by circles. In 1904 this was replaced by an upright crown in a 3-dimensional representation, which was replaced 4 years later by a 2-dimensional representation. This latter type was modified slightly a year later - it is difficult to distinguish the two. Finally, in 1913, a new watermark of a completely different appearance was used, with a representation of St.Stephens Cross joined by wavy lines. This occurs both upright and, more scarcely, sideways. Thus it can be seen that no less than 6 different watermarks are to found, causing the collector some entertainment in trying to sort them all out.

When the last watermark was used the paper for the 50 filler was changed from white to blue. At the same time an error crept in to the value plate, with one position (13) having a 35 instead of the 50.

35f for 50f error

50f lake on blue paper, error of value

Harvesters Issue

The first of the Harvester stamps were issued on 1st October 1916, with the values in white on a coloured background. A month later these two values plus nine others were issued with the same design, but with the values in colour on a white background.

On 15th September 1916 the 10 filler was issued overprinted for a War Charity Exhibition, with the 15 filler following on the 1st May 1918. Both stamps used the first type with white numerals.


10f+1k rose-red


15f+1k violet

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